Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eucalyptus Projects

We are proud to announce the availability of You have been asking how to participate more actively and this is our response: to create a single place where you can organize and coordinate the various efforts centered around Eucalyptus. The site is powered by redmine and the idea here is to host projects to allow interested parties to communicate and coordinate easily. Our community is very diverse, and so are the contributions we received. We decided then to create few top level projects around the roles involved with private clouds (for more info read more on Cloud IT roles): these top-level projects should allow to navigate quickly toward the wanted area of interest. So, based on the kind of contributions we have seen, these are 5 top level projects:

There is one project not relates to IT roles (as defined above), the Teaching and Learning Eucalyptus: we felt the need to give it its own area to it because of the prominence of Eucalyptus into Universities and schools as a teaching tool, and we hope to collect material to ease the creation of courses on private clouds and Eucalyptus in particular.

Figure 1 On the left you can see the my account page on, while on the right you can see the registration page for Make sure you use the same ID and email. We will be moving to a single sign-on process and this step will ensure a smooth transition. 

Projects has been created for you, so if cannot find a project of your liking, contact us, propose a new project and we'll add it! To be started with a project is very easy:

  • create an account on;
  • create an account on projects with the same ID and email or let us know you want to be on projects and we'll do it for you (check Figure 1);
  • find the project you are interested in, start filing bugs and contacting the people already working on it;
  • if you have an interesting idea, contact us to create a new project for you. 
The site is very young, but we already have interesting projects available: most of these early projects are used internally by us (for example the projects site is hosted on a Eucalyptus cloud and we have scripts to regenerate it on demand, as well as planet Eucalyptus).

Eucalyptus 3 is here! Eucalyptus 3 is here! Eucalyptus 3 brings new exciting features (check our roadmap) which you have requested and we are sure quite a few projects will be based on these new features (HA, boot from EBS, EIAM and more). It will also bring a new development model: this is the first step as described in the blog. So get ready with your cool brand new Eucalyptus project.