Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FUDcon 2011

This weekend was a first for a lot of reasons. It was my first FUDcon, it was my first BarCamp style conference, it was my first time to meet quite a few fellow from the Fedora Cloud SIG and now it is my first blog.

I did enjoy quite a bit FUDcon: the talks were very interesting, the people very friendly and it was great to put a face onto names. The organization was impeccable thanks to Robyn. Cloud computing was very alive throughout the whole conference, not as an imposed topic. but more like a pervasive grass root effort: CloudFS, Boxgrinder, SheepDog, DeltaCloud just to name a few are pushing Fedora into the Cloud.

And Eucalyptus of course. At FUDcon I presented Eucalyptus by example: I showed how we turned a rack of machines into our Eucalyptus Community Cloud (ECC), and explained how one can turn their machines into their own private cloud. FUDcon attendees are seasoned sysadmin and experiences linuxers and it didn't take much to them to understand the value that Eucalyptus brings.

Finally I had a very nice hackfest with Marek of boxgrinder fame: I think a eucalyptus plugin for boxgrinder is really just around the corner! The plan for refreshing the Fedora images we provides, got delayed until I can get some of Justin's time and brain.

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