Sunday, February 27, 2011

Web Team

You may have noticed small changes here and there on the web site: this is due to our newly formed Web Team. They are making working with the web site a much easier task. You may see small inconsistencies while we smooth the wrinkles (for example the latest front page addition about Cloud IT Roles doesn't look exactly like the other articles): feel free to mention all you see in our site feedback forum or you can PM me. If you have any suggestion or request or wishlist for this website, this is the time to tell us!

At first you the visible progress will be small, since the Web Team is focusing on the infrastructure of and our sister web site, then you will start seeing more obvious changes. Some of the areas of interest are the forum (making them easier to use, add badges, roles and karma, do you want avatars?), the navigability of the site (some areas are hard to reach, and some content is not well advertised, for example our Community Wiki), and we are working on boosting what's in the Learn section: if you have specific topic you would like to be covered, let us know and we will try our best to do so. Other changes will be the general look and feel: I expect those changes to be incrementally throughout the next few months.

Incidentally, I hope this will allow more time on the forum: the usual grind and a nasty flu prevented me to spend more time on the forum. Feel free to bump old thread to bring them to the front again. As usual I hope you are enjoying this site and your private cloud.

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