Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I miss my '-g'

One thing I can say for sure: there is no time to get bored here at Eucalyptus. If you like big challenges and you have it to take them on, consider joining our team: I'm extremely pleased to say that Greg just did so.

If you are at Cloud Expo in Santa Clara or in the Bay area, come and meet Greg (or Rich or Marten or me for that matter :) at EucaSocial, or visit us at our booth (#615).

I have been knowing Greg by fame for a while, but in person for only few months, and I can say that the energy, and passion he brings to Eucalyptus are intoxicating. You may have already noticed the impulse on our community activities (from our #eucalyptus IRC channel, our mailing lists, our projects and our planet) and this is just the start!

The only downside is that I don't have anymore the exclusive '-g' at the end of emails. Welcome Greg:   I'm  thrilled to be able to work with and learn from you.